In the world of big, fast high-tech changes...
Where do we think old-fashioned values and
customer-service fit in? Everywhere.

We recommend what we think you need. But it's your call.
We stand behind our recommendations and installations. We'll train you and your staff.
We can provide service and back-up on a regular basis plus the latest tips on upgrades and new features.

"I was trying to do it myself in bits and pieces. Then ATI set up a real system... word processing, accounting, payroll, our database... it's simple to use and I can get on with the rest of my job." - Jan Lask, Beverage Marketing,Inc.

"They think things through... no preconceived solutions... great training, fast response. ATI redid our network - the right way." - Sue Ulbrich, Ulbrich & Company

"When you don't know computers, some consultants treat you like an idiot. Not ATI. They're patient, reliable and they know what they're doing." - Liz Thorne,Tri Star

If all this sounds pretty radical for a computer resource company, maybe we're just the kind of computer resource company you need.

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