The advantage of out sourcing your computer support.

Quite simply, trying to keep your hardware and software up to speed steals time away from the things you do best. Taking care of business. Getting new business. Growing business. Servicing customers. What's more, the money you think you save by doing it yourself isn't worth the price you pay in aggravation. Shopping, comparing, installing, upgrading and troubleshooting can be painful.

Out sourcing makes perfect sense.

Sorting through all the software that's out there isn't your business. But it is ours.
Many of the business applications out there are good. Some are mediocre. Others, downright useless. How do you know which is which? We make it our business to know them inside and out. Whether they're off-the-shelf applications for general business use or industry-specific programs.

To understand which software will be best for your business...the first thing we do is understand your business.

Getting an overall picture of your industry and close-up view of your day-to-day operation is critical.
  • Do your sales people need to share information with purchasing, accounting and even each other?
  • Would one custom report be more beneficial to you than a stack of standard printouts?
  • What about developing a database?
  • Why can't your fancy legal software or your expensive medical office applications work with a simple word processing program?
  • Is there industry-specific software out there that you should be using?
By asking the right questions and seeing how you work, we find the programs which are right for you. We determine what you need... and what you have in place that may be workable. As a matter of fact, one of our specialties is fine-tuning, streamlining, simplifying, customizing and enhancing software. So we're often able to get even more out of the programs you already have. After all, we have extensive experience and good partnering relationships with some of the best names in the business.

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